BCGI American Real Estate Executive Search is a boutique search firm focused on the real estate industry. Since 1995, we have completed over 1000 searches on behalf of developers, lenders, occupiers, REITs, pension funds, service providers and private equity managers.

Our recruitment and selection process delivers a customized plan for each of our clients. Over time we have formed rewarding partnerships with leading real estate participants in addition to gaining the respect of individual candidates as sound career advisors.

Our recruiters are committed to serving as representatives of the companies we serve through their strong market knowledge, keen understanding of the client’s organization and impeccable professionalism.

Correspondingly, we treat prospective candidates with the highest regard for their talent and professional standing. We ensure that all candidates are informed and advised regularly on their status throughout the search and listen intently to their individual needs.

A successful search strikes a balance between understanding a company’s objectives and empathizing with the needs of the candidates. While it is crucial that our recruiters present the tremendous opportunities our clients present, we also disclose the challenges and risks candidates may face so they can accurately assess opportunities.

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